2017 Finalists Announced

Role Model of the Year    

Steve Owen

Timothy Muggleton

Bill Parker

Chris Welsh


Charity Champions          

Geoff Rawlings

WGC Swimming Club

Mirvet Brodie

Abbie Hackworth

Kirsty Conder


School of the Year

Homerswood Primary School

Commonswood Primary & Nursery School

Oaklands Primary School

Codicote Primary School


Good Neighbour Award  

Marian Hurle and Cathy Roe

Dawn Mahood

Kate Wright


Service to the Community          

Carole Charters

Andrew Chapman

Dave Simpson

Selina Evans

Joe Heeney


Lifetime Achievement      

Stanborough School’s ‘Shark Robotics’

Maryrose Mead

Ian Sparks


Carer of the Year   

Tia Catlin

Gemma Bray

Niamh Bateman


Valiant Volunteer   

Aimee McCormack

Romeo Hartley

Margaret Stephens

Charlie Honour

Jonathon Elkhuja


Parent in a Million  

Terry Humbles

Mr and Mrs Burger

Ruth Smith

Gillian Smith


Young Achiever     

Bailey Gardner

Ellie Roddy


Howard Centre Community Heroes Award   

Mirvet Brodie

AGMS Foundation

Abbie Hackworth

Liam Kelly